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What were roman hobbies?

Romans spent a lot of time working, even more if they were slaves, as they had many things to do and some of them had more than one job. Although they were really busy, in their free time they liked to relax and have fun. One of their leisures were the terms or public baths. They had several pools with the water in different temperatures, and they usually tried all of them. Those terms were also baths, thus they were used as such, as well as a meeting and social point in which people of all social classes talked about politics, social life, and interests, and they had chats there on many other different subjects. Apart form the terms, romans also enjoyed watching gladiators fights at the amphitheatre of the city, if it had one. In these battles, a young and healthy man, (who had been an slave before but got his freedom by becoming a fighter) , tried to win another gladiator or a wild animal, such as a lion or an even more dangerous creature. At the end, the spectators decided if the looser of the fight could live or not, depending on how well and strongly he had fought. They rose their hands pointing with their thumb, up if they wanted to save the loser, or down if they didn´t want to. They loved this kind of spectacles because they had a lot of action and they were really exciting.



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