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What did romans in Caesaraugusta?

foroIberian people, in year 15 before Crist, was romanized. Romans conquisted Salduie (later, it will be called Caesaraugusta) at that time. Iberian peple didn’t try to resist the romans becase they knew romans were stronger and more powerful; they couldn’t win if they try to start a war.

Once Caesaraugusta was founded, romans introduced some arquitectonic elements in the city:

-The theatre: it was a place where actors acted about a dramatic, romantic or whatever representation (girls couldn’t participate, they only could see the representation). Men and their wifes saw the representation on the first places, but women who weren’t marry and slaves, had to sit down on the farthest places to the stage.

-The circus: here, atletes and trained people competed in chariot races. It was long and not very width.

-The amphitheatre: this place had the shape of a circle and it was reserved to representations about wars. They made sea battles in the amphitheatre too, but also, they could do them in the theatre.

-The public roman baths: there were public places where you could relax yourself. There were turns to use them, because it wasn’t well seen that women were relaxing with gladiators or men.

-The forum: it was the centre of the city. Here, all people did their social life: they bought, prayed…there were specific buildings to do each activity, like markets or temples.

-The port: to connect the river with the forum, they made the port.

They added to our culture the sistem of roads and the sewage sistem, that thing allowed to the roads smell well and don’t stink.


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