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Were was a women situated in the theatre?

The theatre is one of the most famous Roman cultural contribution. The people were situated in different places according to the society: the proedria to the senators, the ima cavea to the mens, the summa cavea to the liberated and the slaves  and the matroneo to the women. The romans interpreted their actions in the stage. Sometimes, when it was raining, the romans covered the theatre with a sunshide. When they wanted to represent a naval action they put water in the stage to make it real, and they put some boats.

Zaragoza´s roman theatre began to build in the century I a.D. The emperor was Tiberio and when they finished, the emperor was Claudio. They could stay 6.000 people with a big acoustics. In 1974 we found it and now we can visit it in the museum.







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