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The Wars Punics happened between 264 B.C. and 146 B.C. They were three wars. The first war was for the conquest of a few islands in which the Romans, for naval superiority won the islands. The second war púnic was the attempt of Aníbal’s conquest.

But Aníbal attacked for Roman Spain, because he knew that he would not win for the sea. On having surrounded them, the Romans saw that it was approaching then went away to Spain and blocked the goods that were going to the Carthaginians. This war also gained Rome. After conquering the second war púnica they conquered entire Roman Spain, which was a strategic place for the third war punic the annihilation of Carthage.

Having defeated the Carthaginians was the major Empire of the Mediterranean one. And due to the fact that they were lodging at Roman Spain the Romans taught many improvements to us for the quality of life, for example: the infrastructures, the aqueducts, theatres, thermal baths…


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