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    In 1.988, during the works in the bay of Mazarron (Murcia, Spain), the divers made a great discovery. Under a layer of dead algae, they found some very old pieces of wood and a lot of parts of pottery.

It was the body of a 2.700 year old phoenician boat. There were only some wood parts, but near there were a lot of ancient ceramic pieces. It was only 50 mt. far from the shore, and 3 mt deep. It is supposed to be a fast vessel.

In 1.993 the boat was removed to a museum. When the divers were doing that, they made a bigger discovery. another phoenician boat, this time complete, with it´s charge of 2.800 kg of lead, the anchor and plant baskets.

These two are the oldest of the very few phoenician boats founded until now. It´s the most important project of ARQUA (Subacuatic Archaeology Department).

This boat is very fragile. They cannot take it out of the water because the wood is very old, and it would be destroyed in contact with air.They are going to build a glass cover for it. So, everybody will be able to see it, a real archaeological show.



Divers: Buceadores Layer : Capa Algae: Algas Vessel: Velero Pottery: Cerámica Ancient: antiguo Lead: Plomo

Anchor: Ancla Glass: Cristal Cover: Cubierta



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