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Roman theatre in Saragossa

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This theatre was build at the 1st century a.C.
The roman society built this thetre for Saragossa, and they used it to plays, and some gladiators fights.
This thatre is made with stone for the base of the building, and alabaster for recover the bleachers, because it´s more beautifull than the stone and in Saragossa is easier to found this material.
The thatre had three diferents floors, the principal, where the actors acts and the other two floors where in roman´s time were the bleachers. Where the spectators were sitting. The bleachers are divides in three parts:

The first part, this part was for the important person in Roman society and in Saragossa, this part is near the stage.

The second part that is beetwen the first and the third, it was for reach people but for people less important that in the fisrt part. This part it´s situate more far than the first but more near than the third.

The third part. It was for the womans and for the slaves, that didn´t have the freedom and it´s property of a roman person.

This building was decorate in the external part with arcs, and this building was semicircular.
We know this roman building because some people wanted to build a new building on the theatre, but one person who lived near the construction saw the theatre and he called to a group of arqueological people and they came back before the construction began and they saw the best roman building that we have in Saragossa now.

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