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Roman monuments of Zaragoza

CaesaraugustaMFirst I´m going to talk about romans walls:

The wall enclosing the Roman foundation and the urban condition for many centuries, as were used by visigoths and muslims .Built between the first century and the third century of our era, the Roman wall of Zaragoza grew to a length of about 3000 meters and 120 towers. Two sections have been preserved: the longest, about 80 meters long, in the northwest corner of what was the Roman city of Caesaraugusta.

Second of the forum:

Located on the plaza of La Seo , exposes the archaeological remains of a market in the time of Emperor Augustus and the Forum of the time of TiberiusSeveral scholars have proposed that there may have been a second forum at the intersection of thisle with decumano , although they have not yet found remains.

Third the river port:

In Roman times, the river Ebro was navigable and Caesaragusta port was considered the third most important in Spain, after that of Logroño and in TortosaThe port was built in the first century AD and was abandoned in the mid-sixth century. C. A late first century or early second, the facilities were completed with the construction of a market east of the entrance building. The port buildings stretched along the right bank of the Ebro leveraging greater gentleness of the water in this part and were located in the northeast corner of the forum with which connected via stairs. Trading in the harbor was very active in distributing goods from both inside and wheat, wood or iron as the coast-ceramics, meats , wine, etc..

Fourth the public baths:

Located on the street of San Juan and San Pedro, between the Roman theater and the forum, contains archaeological remains of the baths of Caesaraugusta. Of these, in use since the first century. C. until the fourth century of our era, are preserved remains of public latrines and an outdoor pool that was built later in the same place.The most notable remains are those of natatio , featuring colonnades at his sides. It was covered with marble slabs on the floor and walls, decorated with floral motifs. All in the style of the final time julioclaudia . The cold plunge on their sides closed by absidiales forms. This is not the only remaining Caesaraugusta thermal facilities which are testimonies have been discovered as drainage channels belonging to private facilities Prudencio Street springs and remains of a caldarium and cold plunge a suburban villa located in the current square Pilar.

And finaly the Theatre:

Built in the first century, in the time of Tiberius, ended their work in time of Emperor Claudius . He became one of the most biggest of Roman Hispania , with a capacity for 6,000 spectators. Unlike other theaters, they used terrain variations, the building was built on flat terrain using caementicium opus , in imitation of the Theatre of Marcellus in Rome .Its decline began in the third century, when they took up stones to regrow the walls and other buildings, which only left the cementicum of the structure that can be seen today. Eventually ended up being covered by other buildings until the early seventies of the twentieth century, when excavations took him back to the light. After its rediscovery, has been conditioned to be visited, housing a museum that displays and explains the archaeological finds discovered.

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