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Family and children

The life of women in rome, usually, it was harder than the men.The women was married at 14 years old.Her lifes wasn’t very interesting.Because in her life,she cleaned the houseand she cooked.The men had the power of the life of the persons,he decided if a baby dies or lives.
Most children in roma didn’t go to school,but only the rich boys went to school.
The girls didn’t go to school ,they was in their houses.The poors families worked a lot,and the poor children

The food in Rome was something very special, because if you had  lucky you were rich and  the food you’d have would be great and you wouldn’t have to cook,because you had slaves.But if you were poor,you would go to hunt and you wouldn’t cook in a oven.

Roman children had toys like we have now.They had soldiers, rattles, balls, doll’s houses.

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