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A lot of people don’t know that three roman emperors were born in Hispania. They were : Adriano, Trajano y Teodosio.


In the year 98, Marco Ulpio Trajano was announced the XIII emperor of Rome. He was the Nerva successor. When Nerva died he didn´t had successor so he chose someone with enough military and consular experience, like the Hispanic Trajano. Trajano was born in Itálica, the first city founded by romans in the new territory Hispania. In his reign the  Roman empire enlarged to the east. He adopted his cousin´s son, Adriano, that after that Trajano died he was his successor.


In the year 138 after Adriano death Publio Elieo Adriano,  was announced the XIV emperor of Rome. He was also born in Itálica.  In his reign the Roman empire reach its maximum territory. It is very famous the Adriano´s wall. It was a  stone wall  that  indicated the  empire´s  limits.


Flavio Teodosio I was born in Cuaca ,Segovia . He was the last emperor with the power in all the Roman empire, because he divided the empire in two parts, one to each son. He changed the Roman religion and he put the Christianity as the official empire´s religion, after he make the  Edict of Milan.


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