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Ancient Gold Wreath Found In Greek Subway

A similar gold wreath with more leaves discovered in 2008.An abundance of gold wreaths appear to lay hidden in a subway network in Greece.

Indeed, excavation work during construction of a new subway in the northern city of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city, has revealed another gold wreath – the ninth since work started in 2006.

Found on the site of an ancient cemetery at what will be the Dimokratias Station stop, the wreath of olive leaves lay buried for some 2,300 years.

According to the Greek Reporter, the wreath was found “inside a large box-type Macedonian tomb on the head of a buried body.”

It was approximately dated to the Early Hellenistic Era, at the end of the fourth — early third century B.C.

Gold wreaths are rare finds and are usually associated with royal or aristocratic graves. Featuring delicate decorations which imitated various leaves, such as oak, olive, vine, laurel and myrtle, the fragile gold wreaths were created primarily to be buried.

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