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The Iberians were described by the Greeks as fearsome warriors that never retreat and always fought without fear. That fascinated the Greeks and some of them were recruited as soldiers because the Greeks knew that they were very safe with some Iberians by their side because their loyalty was extreme: if the boss died, the rest of the army fought to the death.

 Some Romans recruited the Iberians as bodyguards for the emperors because they knew, like the Greeks, that the emperor was safe with them.

The Iberians equipment was very simple but also very effective. It consists in a leather tunic reinforced with some steel. They also had a shield and an iron helmet.

But the thing that made the Iberians famous in the past was their sword the falcata. It was a little sword and the Iberians use it for stabbing their enemies not for slashing them. When the Romans met the Iberians, they copied their sword with some little modifications.


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