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Los órdenes clásicos

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El arte egipcio

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Arte Egipcio from Nora Mena

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Y no te olvides de… Cómo estudiar!

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Un libro antigu0

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1C_Turón Patricia

The ’20s put flapper dresses on the book
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In the 6th century a.c, Greeks proceeding from Masalia, a colony founded by the Phocians, near the current Marseilles, established in the Costa Brava. As his name indicates, Emporion was founded as commercial port, though the decadence of the masalios turned her into a city with an economic independence that allowed him that it allowed him to dominate even the Iberian nearby villages. In the Greek Ampurias one can differentiate the first foundation, the Palaiopolis placed in an island, and the later one on the coast called Neapolis. From the 3rd century a.c, the contact with the Romans did that it was increasing his brilliance and importance.

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The Iberians were described by the Greeks as fearsome warriors that never retreat and always fought without fear. That fascinated the Greeks and some of them were recruited as soldiers because the Greeks knew that they were very safe with some Iberians by their side because their loyalty was extreme: if the boss died, the rest of the army fought to the death.

 Some Romans recruited the Iberians as bodyguards for the emperors because they knew, like the Greeks, that the emperor was safe with them.

The Iberians equipment was very simple but also very effective. It consists in a leather tunic reinforced with some steel. They also had a shield and an iron helmet.

But the thing that made the Iberians famous in the past was their sword the falcata. It was a little sword and the Iberians use it for stabbing their enemies not for slashing them. When the Romans met the Iberians, they copied their sword with some little modifications.


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Iberian warriors wore a tunic made from wool with a broad belt at the waist. Armour was usually only worn by noblemen. They protected their heads with bronze helmets and shields.

Iberian Infantry

The iberians were justly famed for their weapons, such as the falcata, one of the most devastating swords ever made! The falcata was a curved sword that was especially popular with Iberian warriors. The curving blade delivers a tremendous blow and could split both shield and helmet.

Balearic Slingers

Slingers from the Balearic Islands were famed for their skill. Sling is what we call “honda”. It is a system of throwing stones. They start training at a very early age. Balearic slingers used three slings of different lengths.

The Iberians also achieved great renown as horsemen. In fact, such was the reputation of Spanish warriors that they formed a large part of Hannibal Barcas mercenary army in the 2nd Punic War.


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Roman monuments of Zaragoza

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CaesaraugustaMFirst I´m going to talk about romans walls:

The wall enclosing the Roman foundation and the urban condition for many centuries, as were used by visigoths and muslims .Built between the first century and the third century of our era, the Roman wall of Zaragoza grew to a length of about 3000 meters and 120 towers. Two sections have been preserved: the longest, about 80 meters long, in the northwest corner of what was the Roman city of Caesaraugusta.

Second of the forum:

Located on the plaza of La Seo , exposes the archaeological remains of a market in the time of Emperor Augustus and the Forum of the time of TiberiusSeveral scholars have proposed that there may have been a second forum at the intersection of thisle with decumano , although they have not yet found remains.

Third the river port:

In Roman times, the river Ebro was navigable and Caesaragusta port was considered the third most important in Spain, after that of Logroño and in TortosaThe port was built in the first century AD and was abandoned in the mid-sixth century. C. A late first century or early second, the facilities were completed with the construction of a market east of the entrance building. The port buildings stretched along the right bank of the Ebro leveraging greater gentleness of the water in this part and were located in the northeast corner of the forum with which connected via stairs. Trading in the harbor was very active in distributing goods from both inside and wheat, wood or iron as the coast-ceramics, meats , wine, etc..

Fourth the public baths:

Located on the street of San Juan and San Pedro, between the Roman theater and the forum, contains archaeological remains of the baths of Caesaraugusta. Of these, in use since the first century. C. until the fourth century of our era, are preserved remains of public latrines and an outdoor pool that was built later in the same place.The most notable remains are those of natatio , featuring colonnades at his sides. It was covered with marble slabs on the floor and walls, decorated with floral motifs. All in the style of the final time julioclaudia . The cold plunge on their sides closed by absidiales forms. This is not the only remaining Caesaraugusta thermal facilities which are testimonies have been discovered as drainage channels belonging to private facilities Prudencio Street springs and remains of a caldarium and cold plunge a suburban villa located in the current square Pilar.

And finaly the Theatre:

Built in the first century, in the time of Tiberius, ended their work in time of Emperor Claudius . He became one of the most biggest of Roman Hispania , with a capacity for 6,000 spectators. Unlike other theaters, they used terrain variations, the building was built on flat terrain using caementicium opus , in imitation of the Theatre of Marcellus in Rome .Its decline began in the third century, when they took up stones to regrow the walls and other buildings, which only left the cementicum of the structure that can be seen today. Eventually ended up being covered by other buildings until the early seventies of the twentieth century, when excavations took him back to the light. After its rediscovery, has been conditioned to be visited, housing a museum that displays and explains the archaeological finds discovered.

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    In 1.988, during the works in the bay of Mazarron (Murcia, Spain), the divers made a great discovery. Under a layer of dead algae, they found some very old pieces of wood and a lot of parts of pottery.

It was the body of a 2.700 year old phoenician boat. There were only some wood parts, but near there were a lot of ancient ceramic pieces. It was only 50 mt. far from the shore, and 3 mt deep. It is supposed to be a fast vessel.

In 1.993 the boat was removed to a museum. When the divers were doing that, they made a bigger discovery. another phoenician boat, this time complete, with it´s charge of 2.800 kg of lead, the anchor and plant baskets.

These two are the oldest of the very few phoenician boats founded until now. It´s the most important project of ARQUA (Subacuatic Archaeology Department).

This boat is very fragile. They cannot take it out of the water because the wood is very old, and it would be destroyed in contact with air.They are going to build a glass cover for it. So, everybody will be able to see it, a real archaeological show.



Divers: Buceadores Layer : Capa Algae: Algas Vessel: Velero Pottery: Cerámica Ancient: antiguo Lead: Plomo

Anchor: Ancla Glass: Cristal Cover: Cubierta



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What were roman hobbies?

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Romans spent a lot of time working, even more if they were slaves, as they had many things to do and some of them had more than one job. Although they were really busy, in their free time they liked to relax and have fun. One of their leisures were the terms or public baths. They had several pools with the water in different temperatures, and they usually tried all of them. Those terms were also baths, thus they were used as such, as well as a meeting and social point in which people of all social classes talked about politics, social life, and interests, and they had chats there on many other different subjects. Apart form the terms, romans also enjoyed watching gladiators fights at the amphitheatre of the city, if it had one. In these battles, a young and healthy man, (who had been an slave before but got his freedom by becoming a fighter) , tried to win another gladiator or a wild animal, such as a lion or an even more dangerous creature. At the end, the spectators decided if the looser of the fight could live or not, depending on how well and strongly he had fought. They rose their hands pointing with their thumb, up if they wanted to save the loser, or down if they didn´t want to. They loved this kind of spectacles because they had a lot of action and they were really exciting.



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What did romans in Caesaraugusta?

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foroIberian people, in year 15 before Crist, was romanized. Romans conquisted Salduie (later, it will be called Caesaraugusta) at that time. Iberian peple didn’t try to resist the romans becase they knew romans were stronger and more powerful; they couldn’t win if they try to start a war.

Once Caesaraugusta was founded, romans introduced some arquitectonic elements in the city:

-The theatre: it was a place where actors acted about a dramatic, romantic or whatever representation (girls couldn’t participate, they only could see the representation). Men and their wifes saw the representation on the first places, but women who weren’t marry and slaves, had to sit down on the farthest places to the stage.

-The circus: here, atletes and trained people competed in chariot races. It was long and not very width.

-The amphitheatre: this place had the shape of a circle and it was reserved to representations about wars. They made sea battles in the amphitheatre too, but also, they could do them in the theatre.

-The public roman baths: there were public places where you could relax yourself. There were turns to use them, because it wasn’t well seen that women were relaxing with gladiators or men.

-The forum: it was the centre of the city. Here, all people did their social life: they bought, prayed…there were specific buildings to do each activity, like markets or temples.

-The port: to connect the river with the forum, they made the port.

They added to our culture the sistem of roads and the sewage sistem, that thing allowed to the roads smell well and don’t stink.


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Family and children

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The life of women in rome, usually, it was harder than the men.The women was married at 14 years old.Her lifes wasn’t very interesting.Because in her life,she cleaned the houseand she cooked.The men had the power of the life of the persons,he decided if a baby dies or lives.
Most children in roma didn’t go to school,but only the rich boys went to school.
The girls didn’t go to school ,they was in their houses.The poors families worked a lot,and the poor children

The food in Rome was something very special, because if you had  lucky you were rich and  the food you’d have would be great and you wouldn’t have to cook,because you had slaves.But if you were poor,you would go to hunt and you wouldn’t cook in a oven.

Roman children had toys like we have now.They had soldiers, rattles, balls, doll’s houses.

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Roman theatre in Saragossa

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sociales en ingles

This theatre was build at the 1st century a.C.
The roman society built this thetre for Saragossa, and they used it to plays, and some gladiators fights.
This thatre is made with stone for the base of the building, and alabaster for recover the bleachers, because it´s more beautifull than the stone and in Saragossa is easier to found this material.
The thatre had three diferents floors, the principal, where the actors acts and the other two floors where in roman´s time were the bleachers. Where the spectators were sitting. The bleachers are divides in three parts:

The first part, this part was for the important person in Roman society and in Saragossa, this part is near the stage.

The second part that is beetwen the first and the third, it was for reach people but for people less important that in the fisrt part. This part it´s situate more far than the first but more near than the third.

The third part. It was for the womans and for the slaves, that didn´t have the freedom and it´s property of a roman person.

This building was decorate in the external part with arcs, and this building was semicircular.
We know this roman building because some people wanted to build a new building on the theatre, but one person who lived near the construction saw the theatre and he called to a group of arqueological people and they came back before the construction began and they saw the best roman building that we have in Saragossa now.

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Were was a women situated in the theatre?

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The theatre is one of the most famous Roman cultural contribution. The people were situated in different places according to the society: the proedria to the senators, the ima cavea to the mens, the summa cavea to the liberated and the slaves  and the matroneo to the women. The romans interpreted their actions in the stage. Sometimes, when it was raining, the romans covered the theatre with a sunshide. When they wanted to represent a naval action they put water in the stage to make it real, and they put some boats.

Zaragoza´s roman theatre began to build in the century I a.D. The emperor was Tiberio and when they finished, the emperor was Claudio. They could stay 6.000 people with a big acoustics. In 1974 we found it and now we can visit it in the museum.







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escrito el 23 de junio de 2013 por en General,Hispania Romana,Roman society

A lot of people don’t know that three roman emperors were born in Hispania. They were : Adriano, Trajano y Teodosio.


In the year 98, Marco Ulpio Trajano was announced the XIII emperor of Rome. He was the Nerva successor. When Nerva died he didn´t had successor so he chose someone with enough military and consular experience, like the Hispanic Trajano. Trajano was born in Itálica, the first city founded by romans in the new territory Hispania. In his reign the  Roman empire enlarged to the east. He adopted his cousin´s son, Adriano, that after that Trajano died he was his successor.


In the year 138 after Adriano death Publio Elieo Adriano,  was announced the XIV emperor of Rome. He was also born in Itálica.  In his reign the Roman empire reach its maximum territory. It is very famous the Adriano´s wall. It was a  stone wall  that  indicated the  empire´s  limits.


Flavio Teodosio I was born in Cuaca ,Segovia . He was the last emperor with the power in all the Roman empire, because he divided the empire in two parts, one to each son. He changed the Roman religion and he put the Christianity as the official empire´s religion, after he make the  Edict of Milan.


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The Wars Punics happened between 264 B.C. and 146 B.C. They were three wars. The first war was for the conquest of a few islands in which the Romans, for naval superiority won the islands. The second war púnic was the attempt of Aníbal’s conquest.

But Aníbal attacked for Roman Spain, because he knew that he would not win for the sea. On having surrounded them, the Romans saw that it was approaching then went away to Spain and blocked the goods that were going to the Carthaginians. This war also gained Rome. After conquering the second war púnica they conquered entire Roman Spain, which was a strategic place for the third war punic the annihilation of Carthage.

Having defeated the Carthaginians was the major Empire of the Mediterranean one. And due to the fact that they were lodging at Roman Spain the Romans taught many improvements to us for the quality of life, for example: the infrastructures, the aqueducts, theatres, thermal baths…


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Ancient Gold Wreath Found In Greek Subway

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A similar gold wreath with more leaves discovered in 2008.An abundance of gold wreaths appear to lay hidden in a subway network in Greece.

Indeed, excavation work during construction of a new subway in the northern city of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city, has revealed another gold wreath – the ninth since work started in 2006.

Found on the site of an ancient cemetery at what will be the Dimokratias Station stop, the wreath of olive leaves lay buried for some 2,300 years.

According to the Greek Reporter, the wreath was found “inside a large box-type Macedonian tomb on the head of a buried body.”

It was approximately dated to the Early Hellenistic Era, at the end of the fourth — early third century B.C.

Gold wreaths are rare finds and are usually associated with royal or aristocratic graves. Featuring delicate decorations which imitated various leaves, such as oak, olive, vine, laurel and myrtle, the fragile gold wreaths were created primarily to be buried.

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The notion that clothing defines and reifies societal relationships
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The verracos are granite megalitic monuments, sculptures of animals that have been found        in the west of the iberian meseta  in the provinces of Ávila, Salamanca, Zamora, and Cáceres,  but also in the north of Portugal and Galicia. Over 400 sculptures have been found. The Verracos sculptures appear to represent not only pigs but also other animals such as bulls and bears. They were built by the Vettones (Celtiberians), one of the pre-roman people of the Iberian peninsula.

It has generally been assumed from their high visibility in their original open fields surroundings that these sculptures had some protective religious significance, whether guarding the security of livestock or as funerary monuments.

Some people think that they were made to show the people the limits of the villages, other people think that they had a protective religious meaning and anothers think that they are  funerary monuments. One of the most famous are the Guisando Bulls (in Ávila province).

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Las monedas fenicias propiamente dichas se acuñaron en el territorio de la antigua Fenicia desde finales del siglo VI y siguieron hasta la conquista de Alejandro como propias de la satrapía de Fenicia bajo el imperio de los persas de la dinastía aqueménida.
Se conocen también con dicho nombre las púnicas o cartaginesas acuñadas principalmente en Sicilia, Cartago (con otras poblaciones africanas de su región) y España. Todas ellas reflejan el gusto artístico de las griegas a las cuales imitan pero carecen de leyenda por lo común y, si la tienen, es brevísima y va en caracteres fenicios. Las primeras entre las púnicas se acuñaron en Sicilia a partir de la conquista realizada por los cartagineses (ya entrado el siglo IV) hasta que perdieron la isla en el 241 adC y ofrecen tipos idénticos a los más característicos de sus antecesoras las griegas de Siracusa. Consistían éstos para el anverso de las mayores piezas en la cabeza de la ninfa Aretusa coronada de carrizos y rodeada de peces o delfines, como emblema de una fuente que allí existía con el mismo nombre de Aretusa y en el reverso figuraba la cuadriga veloz tirando de una carroza guiada por una divinidad o un héroe ocronado por la Victoria.
Después de las primeras emisiones púnico-sicilianas, se cambió el tipo del reverso por otros de origen africano como la palmera y el caballo y al llevarse la acuñación a Cartago, tras la pérdida de Sicilia, se labraron con los mismos tipos numerosas piezas de oro,plata y cobre y se transformó la Aretusa en la Ceres africana.
Terminó la acuñación púnica en Cartago con la ruina de la ciudad en el 147 adC pero continuó en varios pueblos de África y España bajo el dominio de Roma.

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Cleopatra was the last queen in ancient Egypt. She was born in 69 B.C and she died in 30 A.C.

Her parents were Cleopatra V Trifena  and Ptolomeo XII Auletes.

She was queen when she was 18 years old in 51 B.C . She  was the last queen of Hellenistic period.

She married Marco Antonio in 37 B.C. Their sons were: Cesarión, Cleopatra Selene, Alejandro Helios and Ptolomeo Filadelfo.

In literature there are many books about Cleopatra.

Cleopatra was intelligent and she liked languages. She liked science, too. Cleopatra was a pretty woman.

She died in 30 B.C  she killed herself near Alejandria.

1ºA Sánchez Puente Carlota.

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Work Begins to Unearth an Ancient Mosaic

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Rodolfo2A giant Roman mosaic, made up of thousands of marble cubes just half a cubic inch in size, is being unearthed in southern Turkey.
The 1,600-square-foot mosaic, which consists of colorful geometric patterns, probably dates from the third or fourth century A.D., said Michael Hoff, a professor of art history at the University of Nebraska, whose team has been working since 2005 to excavate ruins in Antiochia ad Cragum, which was once a city on the southern coast of what is now Turkey.
First spotted in 2002 but uncovered just this summer, the mosaic is so large that Dr. Hoff and his team have exposed only about 40 percent of it. The rest will be unearthed next summer.
Dr. Hoff thinks the mosaic probably served as a decorative entrance to an adjacent bathhouse.
“It would have been used by all members of society from this town,” he said. “It was meant to be a beautiful parklike place where people could go and enjoy and walk around.”
Antiochia ad Cragum was founded by Antiochus IV of Commagene in the middle of the first century.
To date the mosaic accurately, Dr. Hoff hopes to uncover other artifacts in the area, like pottery.


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Los pueblos prerromanos

escrito el 23 de junio de 2013 por en Hispania Prerromana,Para saber más

socialeesCuenta la historia que alrededor del 1200 a.C. se produjo una invasión en el oriente de Europa y África y en el Asia Menor de unos pueblos provenientes del norte de Europa. Terribles catástrofes debieron azotar estas tierras para obligarles a emprender una emigración de tales proporciones. En su recorrido imparable fueron derrotando a los ejércitos de Grecia, Creta, el Peloponeso, Asia Menor o la zona del Bósforo, solo Egipto y la ciudad de Atenas pudieron hacer frente a estos pueblos. En el 1195 a.C. las tropas de Ramsés III consiguieron infringirles una dura derrota a las puertas de Egipto. Al parecer, la carencia de remos en los barcos y de arqueros fue un punto decisivo para la victoria ramésida. ¿En qué parte entra la historia atlante en estos acontecimientos?… eso es algo que intentaré explicaros a continuación. También en la biblia se habla de los Pueblos del Norte, o atlantes, cuando dice que los filisteos eran descendientes de Jafet, ¿Japetos el padre de Atlas?. En la Iliada de Homero, además, se dice: “Japethos habita los últimos confines de la tierra y el mar”. ¿Son quizás los hiperbóreos o Pueblos del Norte los míticos atlantes?. Spanuth nos acerca aún más a su teoría a continuación. Por último, dos elementos que aparecen en los relatos de Platón son el hierro y el marfil. Hay que recordar que estamos a finales de la edad del bronce y el hierro apenas se conocia, pero.. ¿lo conocían los hiperbóreos?. Según W. Witters, en el momento en que los Pueblos del Norte invadían el sudoeste de Europa (1200 a.C.) éstos sabían fundir y trabajar el hierro. Algunas armas encontradas así lo atestiguan. ¿Y el marfil con el que teoricamente comerciaban?. No os preocupeis, los hiperbóreos disponían de marfil ‘indígena’, marfil de morsa y de mamut. eso es lo ultimo

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Los pueblos prerromanos

escrito el 23 de junio de 2013 por en ¿Sabías que...?,General,Hispania Prerromana,Para saber más

Pueblos prerromanos es la expresión con que la historiografía se refiere a los pueblos indígenas de las distintas zonas por las que se extendió el Imperio romano.

El concepto se aplica especialmente en su parte occidental , que fue la más sujeta al proceso denominado romanización (concepto del que lo prerromano es el sustrato cultural y antropológico), mientras que su parte oriental se mantuvo bajo el predominio cultural del helenismo o de las mucho más antiguas civilizaciones locales ,con excepción de las zonas balcánica y danubiana , que sí fueron romanizadas.

Los denominados pueblos bárbaros de más allá del limes septentrional (Rin y Danubio) no fueron conquistados por Roma, aunque entraron en su órbita cultural, sobre todo los germanos, especialmente a partir del periodo de las invasiones germánicas que marcaron la caída del imperio romano.

También se habla de pueblos preceltas y preiberos. Las denominaciones ibero y celta corresponden a     categorías utilizadas por los pueblos colonizadores (fenicios, griegos, cartagineses y romanos) para su    descripción; y aunque se han utilizado por la historiografía moderna, no deben entenderse ni como identidades étnicas ni como entidades políticas funcionales en la época


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¿Cómo era la organización jerárquica de las legiones romanas?

escrito el 23 de junio de 2013 por en ¿Sabías que...?,General,Para saber más

El ejército romano se encontraba muy jerarquizado. En la cúpula se encontraba el emperador. El prefecto del pretorio era, en cierto modo, el ministro de la Guerra y estaba asistido en Roma por el prefecto de las cohortes pretorianas, de los oficiales y de los centuriones. En las provincias, cada ejército regional estaba bajo el mando de un general, el legado del ejército. Al mando de cada legión había un comandante (legado), 7 oficiales (un prefecto del campamento y seis tribunos, los tribunos se encargaban de la selección de sus soldados) y 59 centuriones. Cada unidad auxiliar tenía un jefe y varios centuriones (infantería) o decuriones (caballería). En la marina, cada barco se organizaba como una centuria, fuese cual fuere su tamaño; su comandante, que estaba a las órdenes de un prefecto (almirante), ostentaba el título de centurión.

Dentro de una legión, un hombre empezaba como simple soldado de a pie (miles), después de varios años de servicio y para los soldados con oficio, el primer ascenso era de miles a inmunis; aunque tenía el mismo salario, les eximía de las rutinas generales de los demás soldados.

Pero el primer ascenso verdadero convertía al soldado en principal, de los que existían dos clases: los que cobraban paga y media (sesquiplicarii) y los que percibían doble paga (duplicarii). El primer grupo incluía varios tipos de suboficiales, como el tesserarius (ordenanza). Entre los segundos estaban los portaestandartes (signiferi y vexillarii), los optiones y otros oficiales. El siguiente grado era el de centurión, en donde los más veteranos y experimentados (primi ordines) formaban parte de la primera cohorte, y el más antiguo de ellos (primus pilus) tenía derecho a asistir a los consejos de guerra.

El verdadero carácter de los centuriones aparece ilustrado en un episodio de la Guerra de las Galias de Julio Cesar. En el año 52 a.C., las tropas de César trataron de conquistar la fortaleza de Gergovia, pero fueron rechazados y tuvieron que retirarse monte abajo. En estas condiciones habrían sufrido terribles bajas, pero los centuriones se quedaron a cubrir la retirada de sus hombres: murieron casi 700 hombres, de los cuales 46 eran centuriones (uno por cada 14 legionarios, cuando la proporción normal era de 1 a 80).


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escrito el 23 de junio de 2013 por en Hispania Prerromana
El desgraciado final del poblado celtíbero de San Miguel, arrasado por un ataque que acabó incendiando sus hogares, ha propiciado que el estado de conservación y el número de las piezas del yacimiento arqueológico arnedano sea todo un tesoro para los investigadores.
Desde que en el 2004 retomara las excavaciones iniciadas en los años 70, diversas campañas han sacado a la luz la vida del poblado a través de sus piezas.
Cubierto el yacimiento para evitar el deterioro, la labor del equipo de Eguizábal se ha centrado en los últimos meses en estudiar, inventariar y catalogar las más de 28.000 piezas encontradas.

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The Roman aqueducts were used to transport water from a natural water to a city reservoir, it used to be has cities with great economic power.
They were sloped so that water could lower and middle of the aqueduct track, there was a mountain made a tunnel and crossed it. Outside the aqueduct was formed by one or more floors of semicircles and columns.
The aqueduct inner walls and ceiling were reinforced with stone and in the external water was covered with stone to avoid materializes.
The form of acer aqueduct was to make every 30 meters a hole and digging up two sides, these holes were also used to clean the aqueduct.



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The romans and Julio César

escrito el 23 de junio de 2013 por en ¿Sabías que...?,General,Para saber más,Roman society

cesar1Julio César was an emperor in Rome. He leaded the soldiers of Rome and he had a lot of money and he was very rich.

He was a very strict emperor and he push in a very big footprint in Rome. I admire him but I don´t like some actions that he asent in Rome.

The romans weren´t happy with the decisions of Julio César, but if the romans weren´t agree with him there were deceased.

Julio César was acclaimed for a lot of romans of the society and he was the best emperor in Rome.

The romans in a moment of the history were happy because Julio dies.

Rome was the most important city in Europe in the history.

Now, Rome is the capital of Italy and it contain a lot of roman rests.

Bernal Romero, Jorge 1ºD

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escrito el 23 de junio de 2013 por en General,Leyendas,Para saber más

blancaCuenta la leyenda que Doña Blanca era una joven muy bondadosa, alegre y muy hermosa. Tenía un gran corazón y esto hacía que muchos hombres la pretendieran para convertirla en su esposa.
Doña Blanca era la hermana menor del heredero al trono de la Corona de Aragón. Al morir el padre de ambos, este último se convirtió en el nuevo mayor representante de Aragón, quien, estaba casado con una mujer que era todo lo contrario a Doña Blanca. La nueva reina no soportaba ver a todos los caballeros embelesados por la dulce voz de Doña Blanca; ni que la muchacha fuera el centro de atención de las fiestas ni, mucho menos, que la fama de su belleza hubiera llegado a oídos de hombres de otros reinos. Así su maldad fue creciendo hasta no ser apenas disimulada, y, familiares, amigos y fieles caballeros de la corte aconsejaron a Doña Blanca que huyera lejos de la corte Aragonesa.
Así que Doña Blanca abandonó la corte y a su familia con gran dolor y pesar y emprendó camino hacia un futuro desconocido. Portaba algunos baúles con sus mejores telas, ropajes y joyas.
De camino hacia tierras castellanas, la comitiva debía atravesar la villa de Albarracín.
Muchos de sus habitantes salieron a las calles y callejones para poder ver a aquella dulce mujer que tanto querían en todo el Reino de Aragón.
La familia Azagra se ofreció a dar cobijo, descanso y alimento antes de seguir su camino hacia Castilla en su palacio.
Pasaron los días. Quietud y silencio en el Palacio de Azagra. Los habitantes de Albarracín salían todos los días y se acomodaban en los alrededores del edificio esperando ver salir la comitiva de Doña Blanca.
Pero…un día tras otro…y no ocurría nada. De repente, un día salió del palacio la comitiva, todos iban con ojos llorosos y, entre ellos no se hallaba ni Doña Blanca ni sus pertenencias…y, cuenta la leyenda que desde ese día todas las noches de verano de luna llena aparece una figura blanca desde la torre de Doña Blanca.


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escrito el 23 de junio de 2013 por en General
celtasLos iberos o íberos fue como llamaron los antiguos escritores griegos a las gentes del levante y sur de la península ibérica para distinguirlos de los pueblos del interior, cuya cultura y costumbres eran diferentes.
Aunque las fuentes clásicas no siempre coinciden en los límites geográficos precisos ni en la enumeración de pueblos concretos, parece que la lengua es el criterio fundamental que los identificaba como iberos desde el punto de vista de griegos y romanos, puesto que las inscripciones en lengua ibérica aparecen a grandes rasgos en el territorio que las fuentes clásicas asignan a los iberos: la zona costera que va desde el sur del Languedoc-Rosellón hasta Alicante, que penetra hacia el interior por el valle del Ebro, por el valle del Segura, gran parte de La Mancha meridional y oriental hasta el río Guadiana y por el valle alto del Guadalquivir.
Desde el punto de vista arqueológico actual, el concepto de cultura ibérica no es un patrón que se repite de forma uniforme en cada uno de los pueblos identificados como iberos, sino la suma de las culturas individuales que a menudo presentan rasgos similares, pero que se diferencian claramente en otros y que a veces comparten con pueblos no identificados como iberos.

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escrito el 23 de junio de 2013 por en General,Leyendas,Para saber más

blanca2El Acueducto de Segovia. Es uno de los monumentos más significativos y mejor conservados de los que dejaron los romanos en la Península Ibérica. Se trata probablemente del símbolo más importante para los habitantes de Segovia, hasta el punto de figurar en su escudo.
Hay una leyenda del Acueducto de Segovia en la que se cuenta que una niña criada subía todos los días hasta lo más alto de la montaña y bajaba con el cántaro lleno de agua. Un día, harta de aquello, pidió un deseo al demonio en el que le pedía que construyera algún medio para que no tuviera que subir y bajar todos los días con el cántaro. Entonces, por la noche, se le apareció el diablo y le concedió el deseo a cambio de que, si conseguía terminar el acueducto antes de que cantara el gallo, le tendría que dar su alma. La niña accedió y el diablo comenzó a construir el acueducto, momento en que la niña se arrepintió de haberlo deseado. Justo cuando le quedaba una piedra para terminar cantó el gallo, lo que hizo que perdiera la apuesta y la niña no perdió su alma. En el hueco que quedó es donde está ahora puesta la estatua de la Virgen de la Fuencisla


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escrito el 23 de junio de 2013 por en General

El proceso de romanización en la Península se basó fundamentalmente en las ciudades como núcleos exportadores de la nueva cultura. La política urbanizadora comenzó pronto, aunque con fines casi exclusivamente defensivos. Durante la época republicana las riquezas mineras y agropecuarias de Hispania atrajeron gran número de emigrantes romano-itálicos, sobre todo después de la crisis del siglo II a. C. Éstos, unidos a los soldados establecidos en la Península comenzaron a asentarse en ciudades de estatus jurídico dudoso. Un ejemplo de esta etapa es la ciudad de Carteia.
Con Julio César comenzó un periodo de colonización y municipalización, resolviendo el problema que padecía Italia por la falta de ager publicus, asentó en Hispania a sus soldados fundando nuevas colonias. También concedió la ciudadanía romana a municipios ya existentes, premiando así su fidelidad en la guerra civil que mantuvo con Pompeyo en la Península, por eso la mayoría de ellos se encuentran en la Bética. Augusto continuó la política de César, municipios augusteos son: Osca, Calagurris, Baetulo, Segóbriga, Valeria,5 Ilerda, Iuliobriga, etc. Vespasiano concedió el derecho latino a todas las ciudades de Hispania.
Las ciudades poseían diferente categoría jurídica; así las colonias y municipios romanos estaban libres de cargas tributarias, las ciudades de derecho latino se encontraban en un escalafón inferior, por debajo de éstas estaban las ciudades peregrinae que carecen de privilegios jurídicos para sus habitantes. En el último lugar se encontraban las stipendiariae, que estaban obligadas a pagar un tributo a Roma, así como a aportar soldados al ejército.
Latinización de la Hispania.

Aguado Pallares, Marc 1A

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Ancient Gold Wreath Found In Greek Subway

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5f4fd3fb-3931-4fb2-8538-cd3537a734c2.grid-6x2An abundance of gold wreaths appear to lay hidden in a subway network in Greece.

Indeed, excavation work during construction of a new subway in the northern city of Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city, has revealed another gold wreath – the ninth since work started in 2006.

Found on the site of an ancient cemetery at what will be the Dimokratias Station stop, the wreath of olive leaves lay buried for some 2,300 years.

According to the Greek Reporter, the wreath was found “inside a large box-type Macedonian tomb on the head of a buried body.”

It was approximately dated to the Early Hellenistic Era, at the end of the fourth — early third century B.C.

Gold wreaths are rare finds and are usually associated with royal or aristocratic graves. Featuring delicate decorations which imitated various leaves, such as oak, olive, vine, laurel and myrtle, the fragile gold wreaths were created primarily to be buried.

In 2008 archaeologists found eight Hellenistic era golden wreaths again during subway work in Thessaloniki. The wreaths were placed within a female burial along with elaborately-crafted earrings and other artifacts.

About 23,000 ancient and medieval artifacts have been unearthed during the ongoing dig for the Thessaloniki subway system.

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Valencia. Los íberos ya hacían buen vino.

 Los arqueólogos del Servicio de Prehistoria de la Diputación de Valencia tienen claro que aquellos primeros ‘valencianos’ poseían alta cultura enológica

.Los restos de herramientas hallados demuestran que en Les Alcusses se cultivaba la vid en el siglo IV a.C.

 La comarca de Les Alcusses-Els Alforins, entre Moixent, La Font de la Figuera y Fontanars, cuenta hoy con 4.000 hectáreas de viñedos y una docena de bodegas que componen uno de los conjuntos vitivinícolas de la Comunitat Valenciana con más personalidad propia, compromiso con la calidad y el territorio y proyección de futuro. Y como en algunos aspectos hay empujes y apuestas empresariales que han trascendido hasta el mundo urbano en tiempos bastante recientes, puede parecer, visto a distancia, que se trata de una eclosión más o menos nueva y que el buen hacer con el vino se asentó por allí cuando se extendieron modas recientes, como en otros sitios.

En las sucesivas excavaciones del Servicio de Investigaciones Prehistóricas de la Diputación de Valencia se han encontrado en La Bastida pepitas de uva carbonizadas (garantía de conservación) y restos de toda clase de herramientas para trabajar la viña y vendimiar, así como multitud de restos de tinajas, cuencos y vasos de cerámica, incluso de clepsidras, ingeniosos botellones de barro cocido, con orificios en la parte inferior, que servían para escanciar el vino en múltiples chorros que facilitaban además que se aireara.




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